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Who Are We?

NxGn Sports Interactive is a tech startup with offices in Ahmedabad (HQ) and Mumbai.

NxGn primarily operates in the Fantasy Sports & Real ...

Our Products

NxGn Sports Interactive is building its flagship brand, Twelfth Man, on 3 pillars: Gaming, E-Commerce and Content.

Stay tuned for our product/merch line and our content platform!

Twelfth Man App

Twelfth Man is a Fantasy Sports and Real Money gaming platform. Twelfth Man is a term that refers to the fans/supporters of football/cricket teams and fans/supporters in general.

Our intention of naming our app Twelfth Man was to ensure that people understood, that Twelfth Man is an app OF THE FANS. An app created FOR THE FANS. And an app created BY THE FANS!

Users can participate in Fantasy Football and Fantasy Cricket contests. The users will also be able to engage in Fantasy Kabaddi from February 2023.

We’re also in the process of revamping our entire UI/UX and re-launching our Real Money Games (Ludo, Chess, Carrom, Pool, Juggle-the-ball, Penalty Flick and Fruit Ninja).

Finally, we’re starting our transition to the Web3.0 space in the near future! Download our app now, and get a glimpse into the future! 


TWLTMN. derived from the app’s name, Twelfth Man, is an athleisure and fan merchandise e-commerce brand and an extension of the Twelfth Man universe.

The idea with TWLTMN. is to create unique merch and AR compatible merchandise and clothing in order to make the fan-experience inside stadiums and fan experience in general, a lot more personalised and fun and energetic!

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